Where are Dimension's clients admitted?

100% of Dimension’s clients have earned admission to one or more Ivy+ school. The most popular schools among our clients in 2022 & 2023 were Princeton, Harvard, Northwestern, Stanford, and Yale.

How does Dimension fill its roster?

We choose to work with talented, self-motivated students who share our ethos, genuinely desire to engage in our process, and who we know we can help to earn admission to their dream school.

What differentiates Dimension's team?

Dimension’s core advisors are experienced educators, professional writers, and top 5 program alums. At Dimension, the best and brightest will help you to maximize the potential of your application.

What is Dimension’s response time for essay review?

We cap our client list each year to ensure rapid response times and performance standards. We guarantee feedback within 48 hours, and often respond within 24 hours.

Will Dimension write my essay for me?

We provide in-depth, actionable feedback on essays, but the burden of essay writing itself falls to the student. This is both a matter of integrity, and of practicality, as “fit” is an important consideration.

When should I start work with Dimension?

The optimal time to begin is during your 10th grade summer, when there is ample time to develop your profile, but we work with select students at any stage of their academic career, often rising high school seniors.

How does scheduling work?

We do our best to accommodate our clients’ needs and commitments. To what extent possible, we schedule sessions a week in advance to have implicit deadlines in place and to ensure momentum continues to build.

What is Dimension’s cancelation policy?

For those on the Hourly Package, we require 24-hour notice for all cancellations and postponements, after which time a 50% cancellation fee applies at the hourly rate.

How involved should parents or guardians be?

Parents and guardians are welcome to be as involved as they would like, so long as they respect that this journey belongs to the applicant first. We will always defer to the student to set boundaries.

What is Dimension’s privacy policy?

We do not disclose personal information or discuss our work with anyone for any reason

Does Dimension outsource work?

No. Our team-based approach is entirely in-house. And, insofar as essay writing is concerned, our team is the best. We welcome anyone to challenge this claim.

Is Dimension exclusive to college admissions?

No, Dimension works with applicants to prep schools and graduate schools as well. Most often, these include law, business, and veterinary school prospects.