Dimension Admissions offers a personalized, results-driven approach to elite prep school, undergraduate, and graduate school admissions.

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Results Are In

Since Dimension Admissions opened its doors in 2019, our process-oriented, team-based approach to admissions has proven effective. At Dimension, decision days are cause for celebration.

*Statistics are based on US News Rankings and the most recent admissions data published by each program.


The multiple by which Dimension clients outperform the current average acceptance rate for TOP 10 undergraduate programs


The percentage of Dimension clients who have earned admission to at least one Ivy+ undergraduate program

Why Dimension?

In the high-stakes, fiercely-competitive landscape of modern admissions, Dimension offers our clients inspiration, illumination, and most importantly, expert guidance. We are not simply Ivy League and Ivy+ educated consultants with elite, advanced degrees, we are seasoned educators and wordsmiths devoted to fostering our clients’ personal growth, while collaboratively crafting applications that resonate with admissions officers at our nation’s most highly-selective institutions.


As a client, you will obtain personalized, strategic advice on how to create a robust candidate profile, one defined by a network of interdependent experiences and distinguishing character traits. You will come to understand how superior applications are constructed, and learn to write with poise, precision, and pathos as you craft essays that are introspective, aspirational, and revelatory. As a result, you will not only significantly improve your chance of admission to your dream school, but will gain the self-awareness and self-confidence necessary to succeed upon matriculation.


If you are an aspiring, driven, high-achieving student who wants to take your prep-school, undergraduate, or graduate school applications to the next level, apply with Dimension.