A One-Stop Shop

From curating school lists to completing individual applications, Dimension is here to ensure your admissions journey is smooth and successful.

Our Ethos

We believe the application process affords an opportunity for introspection and self-expression, where the articulation of how your lived experience has shaped your identity will both earn you admission and engender self-awareness.

When our work is complete, you will have differentiated yourself from other candidates by showing the admissions board who you are, what you value, and how you will contribute to their school community.

The Dimension Difference

Our core team is composed of experienced educators and consultants who are also professional writers. Every Dimension Advisor graduated from an Ivy+ university and/or a Top 5 graduate program, which means at Dimension, the best and brightest are at your service. We take great pride in our bespoke, team-based approach to admissions, and specialize in helping our clients to write revelatory personal narratives that highlight their interests and talents.