Which Ivy+ Schools are Actually the Most Selective?

Princeton University

Schools often tout low admission rates as a proxy for a highly competitive academic environment. This blunt instrument fails to account for the quality of the applicant pool, and may distort potential applicants’ understanding of their chances of admission. To help give applicants a more complete picture, Dimension Admissions dove into the Common Data Set […]

How to Overcome Writer’s Block in College Essay Writing

Effective Strategies to Beat Writer’s Block and Craft a Sensational College Admissions Essay With Admissions Season in full swing, high school seniors have donned their thinking caps and picked up their literal or figurative pens with every intention of crafting a sensational essay to unbolt the gates to their dream schools. If only it were […]

Non-Binary Students at Ivy League and Ivy+ Universities

Dimension Admissions Data Study: Introduction Until 2021, the Common Data set did not recognize an option for “another gender” data reporting, in other words, data reporting on students identifying as neither male, nor female.  In 2021-2022, there was some movement on that front when the Common Data Set indicated with respect to reporting admissions data […]

How to Build the Best College List in 2023

Advice and Tasks for Undergraduate Applicants Trying to Decide What Schools to Apply to and Why Visit nearby colleges to obtain a basis for comparison. Vary the schools to what extent possible. Take note of flyers in common areas, pick up newspapers, obtain marketing materials from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, etc. to get a […]

Gender Admission Rates and Distribution Across America’s Top Universities

Oberlin College was the first coeducational college to open in 1833. It took more than one hundred and thirty years for America’s top university, Princeton, to begin admitting women in 1969. Other Ivy League schools like Brown and Dartmouth followed suit in the early 70s. These changes were a reaction to the second wave feminist […]